Community Leadership Management

Jomari Jackson: A New Route to Success

In a world where everyone wants to make the most money and rise to the top the quickest, Jomari Jackson, Hull College Healthcare Management student, strives to not only make a living but to make a difference in the lives of people around him. Unlike the traditional student, Jomari plans to attend the Dental College of Georgia to earn his D.M.D. after earning a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management.

Jomari’s enthusiasm for Hull College grew when he began his Introduction to Business and Professional Skills class with Dr. Melissa Furman, Assistant Dean of James M. Hull College of Business. “It was amazing. This class not only provides the tools to succeed in the business world but demonstrates professional skills need to execute my business goals.” Jomari not only has a passion for the Hull College but also within his involvement on and off campus. Jomari is a dutiful member of Doctors Without Borders, Augusta University Red Cross, the AU Dental Club and the Boys and Girls Club, Inc. He also works as a Resident Assistant for Augusta University’s on-campus housing at University Village.

Jomari’s ambition is not only to service his community as a dentist but to also be a great business leader in the healthcare field. “I want to be the most successful dentist I can be,” explains Jomari, “I feel that the Hull College will help me achieve that goal. Earning this degree will serve as a great tool to make smart business decisions along with managing and facilitating my own dental practice.”

Jomari undoubtedly has a heart for helping others and his advice to fellow students making their way through college is to find their true identity, be passionate with career goals, and always be looking for life-changing opportunities. “It was important for me to understand that my route to success might not look like everyone else’s, but I had to do what made me happy and set goals along the way for my personal success,” says Jomari, “as a college student, you need to be involved with campus activities and always carry yourself with a sense of professionalism and pride. You never know when the opportunity of your life may come your way, so always be prepared and accept new challenges. You can do anything that you set your mind to, so be great.”