Hull College Announces Annual Faculty Awards

ChongWoo Park and Marsha Loda

The Hull College of Business announced its three annual faculty awards on March 19 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

ChongWoo Park, Ph.D., assistant professor of management information systems, won the Research Award and the High Impact Award.

The Research Award acknowledges faculty whose scholarship has greatly influenced the entire academic community, while the High Impact Award acknowledges the impact that such effort had on students, the business community, and/or academia.

“Dr. Park is the consummate academic professional,” stated Dean Richard Franza. “He excels in all areas of faculty performance – an engaging teacher, a productive researcher, and a dedicated institutional servant. Winning the College’s Research Award this year shows both the quality and productivity of his scholarly work, but he is by no means just a scholar. He sets a high standard for faculty achievement in all areas!”

Park earned his Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science at Georgia State University in 2008 and his Master of Science in Information Resources Management from Syracuse University in 2000.

Marsha Loda, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing and hospitality, received the Innovation and Engagement Award, acknowledging a Hull College of Business faculty member who has a great impact on students and/or the professional business or non-profit community.

“Hands down my favorite professor,” wrote recent graduate Fallan Flatow, BBA 2020, on Facebook.

“Dr. Loda not only teaches engagement, she lives it! Her classes bring her students and the business community together in a way that positively impacts all. She gives her students a learning experience that addresses real-world issues, and our business community benefits from her and her students’ great capabilities,” Franza said.

Loda completed her Ph.D. at Clemson University in 2003, and she has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in communications from the University of Memphis. Prior to coming into academia, she co-owned an advertising and public relations agency in Memphis, TN, for nearly 20 years.

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