Students Learn the Benefits of Managerial Accounting

The Hull College of Business is committed to bring real world application into the classroom and expand students understanding of course material.  Accounting Professor, Steve Loflin recently had two guests attend his Managerial Accounting Class.  Dan Whitmire, Senior Project Control Specialist with Savannah River Remediation, and Dex Ray, a Training Manager with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. Each shared their project management experience and accounting’s important role in the process.

Dan’s presentation was titled “Budgets & Accounting: 6.3 Billion Reasons Why it is Important” and informed the students about the importance of budgets and accounting to good project management. During his presentation, Dan answered student questions about how the reported losses of Toshiba Corp and Westinghouse Energy could impact nearby Plant Vogtle and the surrounding area.

Dex’s presentation was titled “Ten Questions to Help You Plan Your Project”, where he used the illustration of building a residential home to show students the fundamentals of project planning. During his talk, Dex stressed to the students how the accounting concepts of return on investment and constraints play a role in planning any project.

At the end of the presentations students left with a better understanding of the value of budgeting, tracking costs and the role managerial accounting plays in ensuring the long-term health of an organization.


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