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Hospitality Administration Certificate Launched This Fall

Hospitality Administration Certificate Helps Students Compete

In response to the growing need of managers within the hospitality industry, the Hull College designed and launched an undergraduate certificate in Hospitality Administration. Hospitality is one of the largest industries worldwide and the certificate will prepare students for management and marketing careers in leisure industries including hotel, restaurant, museums, sports, and tourism. 

Barry E. White, President and CEO of the
Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau agrees, “Hospitality and travel in Augusta continue to grow as an economic driver. A defined educational pathway is critical to sustained future growth and service delivery in this lucrative segment.” 

For currently enrolled students, the certificate
can be earned by taking four courses embedded within the normal plan of study or for prospective students not currently enrolled, they can register to take the four specific courses as standalone courses. 

For more information, visit the Hull College website,