First and second year students practicing professional skills as course requirement.

Students are all suited up and sweating bullets as they are preparing to give their final presentations in their BUSA 1105: Intro to Business class. This class is a new prerequisite for students and they are extremely thankful. One student explains how this class taught him how to shake hands and build a resume. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore each area of business.  Introduction to Business is set up to give students the opportunity to dive into each area of business, and learning the proper business and professional skills needed to plan, develop, and execute their own career plans.

In their final presentations, students were to discuss their career interest, prepare a plan to reach their career goals, and reflect on the different exercises facilitated throughout the semester. The majority of students had clear plans for achieving their dream job however some students couldn’t declare their plans until taking this class.  “It’s never too late to change lanes,” exclaimed one student. “I thought I always wanted to be an accounting major… I never thought there was anything else. After talking with Dr. Melissa Furman, I have changed my major from Accounting to Marketing and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” Excitement beamed from this student’s face as he explained to the class his new plan to reach his dream career.

Not only were new dreams discovered but new tools were given to each student to prepare them for the working world to come. A key tool each student enjoyed was learning how to create and network with a social media platform called LinkedIn. “When I first started this class I only had two connections and today I know have forty,” as one student described her experience with networking.

This course is just one example of how students experience the Hull Experience. Students in this class ranged from freshman to seniors, Air Force veterans to psychology majors. All building professional skill sets and receiving a wealth of knowledge to get them on the right path. This is what The Hull Experience is all about: Helping students achieve their goals by giving them the tools to reach them.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh


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Payton Prather

Payton Prather is a communications specialist in the Hull College of Business at Augusta University. Contact her at

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Written by Payton Prather

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