Graduate Spotlight: Anissa Cordova

Anissa Cordova explored many different majors at Augusta University before finding the spark that lit her interest in business.

The 23-year-old from Evans graduated in May with a bachelor of business administration with a concentration in digital marketing.

“I think it is really cool being able to know what someone wants and needs before they do,” Cordova explained her interest in marketing. “I really liked learning about people and getting to know people.”

She recently started a permanently remote position with the real estate firm Zillow.

Starting in 2016, Cordova tried out other majors, such as sociology, psychology, and nursing, before changing to business.

“I really loved the faculty. Them sharing their personal experience[s] helped me realize all that I love about business and how it fit into a life plan,” she said.

Cordova said the social media project that was part of her marketing coursework in Dr. Marsha Loda’s class proved useful in her internship. She ran a Facebook page and earned HubSpot social media certification.

For five months, she was a social media manager for the Augusta Players, a nonprofit community theater.

“I had no idea what a campaign was or a content plan until taking Loda’s class. If I hadn’t taken that class, I wouldn’t have known what to do in my internship. I wouldn’t have been as organized as I was,” she said.

At one point prior to graduation, Cordova had three jobs simultaneously – the internship, working at TopGolf, and as a student assistant for the College.

At graduation, she said she wanted to take a break to get some rest, but that break didn’t last long because she didn’t want to lose the momentum she gained from the classwork and internship. She said she was relieved to find her job with Zillow so soon after graduation.

She picked Augusta University because of its affordability, wanting a degree without having to drown in student loans following graduation.

Cordova said it is a possibility she will return to the Hull College of Business in a few years to attain a master’s degree through the Hull Online MBA.

Written by
Tim Rausch

Tim Rausch is a Communication Strategist in the Dean's Office at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.

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Written by Tim Rausch

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