College Welcomes Scholars as Hull Ambassadors

Hull College of Business administrators hosted a lunch on Wed., Aug. 25, for some of its scholarship winners who have been chosen to be the first class of Hull Ambassadors.

The student ambassadors will represent the College at various campus and business community events to share their college experience, while representing Hull’s best and brightest.

“You are going to be the face of the Hull College,” said Dean Richard Franza, Ph.D., during the introductory luncheon. “We’re excited to give you all additional experiences as students and to be our brand ambassadors. Our role is to make sure you get good careers in business. This is part of [your] career development.”

The 12 students selected from the recipients of the Hull/Knox Scholarship for 2021-2022 are Tia Askew, Taylor Brown, Jasmine Butler, Kristy Hardesty, Abby Hennebaul, Kimberly Kelly, Jade Moss, Queenesha Opapeju, Josh Seiden, Chelsie Smith, Jasmyn Smith, and Crystal Taylor.

“This is our pilot, but it is something that we have wanted to do for years,” said Associate Dean Mark Thompson, Ph.D.

As ambassadors for the College, students talking to students resonates well, he explained.

Kate Channell, assistant dean, said the program will be beneficial for the student and the College, as the students will receive opportunities for leadership development and experiential learning.

The students will attend the College’s events and major functions throughout the academic year to represent the Hull College of Business and further develop their network and soft skills. As part of the Hull Ambassador program and part of their experiential learning, the students will provide service-learning project ideas to give back to the communities in which they’re engaged.

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Tim Rausch

Tim Rausch is a Communication Specialist in the Dean's Office at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University.

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