Hull Students and Alumni on Display in First Business Connection of the Semester

The success of Hull College of Business students, former and current, was on display for an hour during the virtual Business Connection with Hull Property Group on Wed., Jan. 26.

Hull Property Group, based in Augusta, is among the largest regional commercial real estate management and development companies. Founded in 1977 by James Hull, it now has more than 16 million square feet of commercial space in its portfolio.

Hull Property Group was one of the first companies to be featured in the Business Showcase series in 2018, returning now as a Business Connection, the virtual version of a Showcase.

Geraldin Lopez, human resources manager, joined the company five years ago, starting with the marketing team. An Augusta University graduate, she learned of the opening at the company through friends from college. “Don’t under estimate your networks when you’re in school,” stated Lopez.

Lopez described the company as an environment of collaboration and free thinking.

Hull Property Group is divided into government relations, leasing, marketing, property management, acquisitions, and Gemini Construction, the in-house general contractor.

Alysia Badua, accounting intern for the construction division, plans to graduate from the Hull College of Business in May. She works with the internal general contractor for the company and handles incoming invoices from vendors or subcontractors.

“This internship has helped open up so many doors for me because I started out in accounting, now moving into project management,” she said. “There’s room for growth here. There’s a lot to learn. This company really works with your school schedule and is flexible.”

Whitney Whitaker, a property management analyst, started with the company two years ago as a runner “to get [her] foot in the door.” She graduated from the Hull College in December 2021 with her BBA.

“I knew I was interested in property management, [and] I love it,” she said. Her duties involve many virtual meetings because of the pandemic, meeting with property managers on maintenance and code.

Korde Jones, also a recent BBA graduate of the College, is a marketing specialist transitioning out of the role of runner/administration coordinator. In addition to being in charge of supplies, the runner also makes trips to the bank, for example. “They are essential things to the function of the office,” he explained. “It really is a launchpad. I started in October, and I’ve already been promoted.”

“You get to work directly with Jim Hull. And that’s pretty cool to be able to interact with the namesake of the college you graduated from,” Jones said.

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Tim Rausch

Tim Rausch is a Communication Specialist in the Dean's Office at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University.

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