My Advice as You Prepare to be a Student…Again!

Rebecca Kruckow, Program Coordinator for the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center, reflects back on her first year in the MBA program.  Her MBA journey began the moment she started researching programs to find the right fit for her needs. From completing applications, collecting recommendation letters, and completing the necessary standardized tests, you are preparing yourself for the transition from professional back to student…again.

She shared the following advice for other professionals interested in pursuing an MBA program:

  1. You are not alone in your MBA journey. You will have access to friendly staff, faculty, and classmates who are always available and willing to assist you along the way.
  2. The time commitment and curriculum requirements can be rigorous. You will need support from your family, friends, and classmates.
  3. Be ready to learn. The content and areas of study are fascinating and very informative regardless of your professional or academic background. Some areas you will know well and can assist your classmates; other areas you will need help from your classmates (see #2).
  4. Be prepared to read and research…a lot. Graduate-level courses will require you to read and apply the content to individual assignments as well as group projects.
  5. Be present both physically and mentally. It can be difficult transitioning from work to the classroom and back again, however, your learning will be enhanced through your engagement in the class with professors and classmates.
  6. Be yourself. The richness of the program is grounded in the diverse expertise shared by the students enrolled in the program from physicians to dentists to engineers to working professionals. Bring your desire to learn and your area of expertise to the program!
  7. Be ready to apply and enhance your decision making and critical thinking skills. Graduate school learning is applying the concepts to real-world business problems and identifying solutions.
  8. Enjoy the experience. Take the time to build relationships with staff, faculty, administrators, and classmates to maximize the benefits you can gain from completing an MBA.

Invest in the advancement of your personal and professional growth by pursuing your MBA. Corny alert:  It’s not just a degree; it’s an EXPERIENCE.

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