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College announces scholarship recipients

The Hull College of Business at Augusta University announced its scholarship recipients for academic year 2020-2021.

Funds are disbursed in two equal payments in Fall and Spring in the coming academic year.

The recipients are:

  • Hull/Knox Scholar: Tia Askew, Courtney Browne, Robert Knight, Leslie Riddle, and Shalisha Whitaker
  • Hull Scholar: Lauren Gaston, Caroline Graham, Amya Holsey, Jomari Jackson, Alison Luckey, Shalanda Parrish, Reagan Salvador, Joshua Seiden, Cherish Travis, and Whitney Whitaker
  • Earle J. Maddocks: Courtney Browne
  • Bill Monge: Joan Murphy
  • William T. Maxwell: Maria Alice Fagundes Vieira
  • Cecil R. Turner: Marla McCranie
  • Charles H.D. Williamson: Ricard Rubio Pallas
  • ADP Undergraduate Research: Caroline Graham
  • Schrameck Family Memorial: Austin Gray and Megan Marie Tychsen
  • Joseph Greene: Jasmyn Smith
  • Edward B. & Estelle Patricia Berry Polite: Allie Cohen and Nejra Arslanagic
  • J. Clay Flanders: Kathryn Foster
  • J. Porter Adams: Keosha Moss
  • First Citizens : Samantha Hitchens
  • Northwestern Mutual Finance: Amanda Mines
  • Harry L. Howard: Taylor Brown
  • ADP Internship Scholarship: Reagan Salvador, Eddie Downer, Angel Grovenor, and Jachua Polcyn

Recipients will be invited to attend a special luncheon, hosted by the university, with the donors in spring 2021.