Class of 2017 is Ready to Advance

From working as a Staff Accountant at John Deere in Davenport, Iowa to an Inventory Control Specialist at Costco Wholesale in Seattle, Washington, Hull College graduates are advancing in their professional pursuits.

The class of 2017 consisted of 91 undergraduate students who obtained degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, and Information Technology. With over 60% of the graduating students having completed an internship or professional development activity, they are ready to apply what they have learned to the next steps of their journey whether is their first postgraduate job, the military, or graduate school.

Student Athlete to Working Professional

Hunter Boose spent four years serving as a third baseman for the Men’s Baseball Team while completing his coursework for his degree in Management. While managing his demanding baseball and class schedule, he found time to complete an internship with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car during his senior year which lead to the development of management and customer service experience. His newly developed management skills, strong work ethic, and excellent time management skills lead to receiving and accepting a full-time job offer form Textron Specialized Vehicles as a Channel Development Coordinator.

Intern to Full-Time Employee

When Caitlyn Baker chose her accounting major she accepted the challenge to conquer the rigorous accounting courses and she understood the importance of securing an internship prior to graduation. She participated in multiple accounting events such as the annual “Accounting Career Night” and utilized the services of the Hull College Career & Academic Planning Center to prepare for her internship search. Her proactive preparedness resulted in securing an accounting internship at Club Car which provided her with the experience she needed to become marketable for a full-time position. As a result of her professionalism and success, Club Car recognized her marketable skills and extended an offer for a full-time accounting position. Caitlyn graciously accepted the offer and will be serving in her new role immediately following graduation.

Undergraduate Student to Graduate Student

Michael Townsend transferred to Augusta University knowing that he wanted to pursue a degree in Computer Science and his drive to achieve success is evident by the 4.0 GPA he earned in his Computer Science classes. Michael immediately excelled in the classroom and built strong relationships with his faculty which lead to a research assistant position under Dr. Harley Eades. In addition to his research and academic responsibilities, Michael also pursued a software engineering internship with AppVizo, a software solutions company in Augusta, Georgia. Michael will be continuing his studies at the University of Iowa in the Masters of Science in Computer Science program with the intent to continue to earn his Ph.D. in Computer Science.



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