Hull Students Apply Sales Skills and Knowledge  

On February 28th, five Hull College students, coached by professor Bill Rhodes, participated in the inaugural Parker Regional Sales Competition hosted by the Center for Sales Excellence at the Parker College of Business at Georgia Southern University. More than 15 students from 5 colleges and universities competed in this event and tow students, Brandon Edwards, and Desiree McLendon made it to the semi-finals while the other three students, Lauren Gaston, Meet Singh, and Adam Walden, put their semester-long learning to the test.

The Parker Regional Sales Competition is a developmental event, providing sales students with the opportunity to demonstrate their selling skills through simulated sales role play and compete regionally before participating in national sales competitions

The competition is beneficial to students because they had the opportunity to gain individual feedback from industry experts while also networking with sponsoring companies.

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Payton Prather

Payton Prather is a communications specialist in the Hull College of Business at Augusta University. Contact her at

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Written by Payton Prather

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